Coach Gregg offers both in-person and online training. Here's the benefits of taking advantage of our online services: 

  • You are not locked into only going to your local gym. 

  • You now have accountability and help 24 hours a day. Not 1 hour a day (seeing a local trainer). 

  • Your workout can be done on your schedule , not your local trainers schedule. 

  • You can now train anywhere in the world. 

  • You can now refer and help family and friends who aren't local. 

  • You now have access to an exercise library and videos. No access at your local gym. 

  • You now have your own workout on your phone available 24 hours a day. 

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Virtual Training Programs - click here to choose from nearly 30 programs with more than 70 workouts ($10 each); come back weekly for new programs and workouts!

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Choose the weekly virtual training program that's best for you. Looking for general fitness, stabilization, muscle gain, or a special Thanksgiving workout, we have something for everyone.

Choose all that you want for $10 each, and Coach Gregg will send you the details for your specific program. Come back each week for a new program suited for your fitness needs!

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