3 reasons to hire a fitness professional..

Pictured above: The NASM OPT Model. 

Of course there are more than "only" 3 reasons to hire a fitness professional (Trainer). In this post , I will focus on the following  - Safety Progress Accountability. The Big 3.

1. Safety - When performing any exercise and fatigue starts to set in , technique is one of the first things to go. A Fitness Professional will have his eyes on you at all times to ensure that your technique remains intact.

2. Progress - ONLY a fitness professional knows the proper progressions one should take in their training programs and exercise selection. When to perform strength exercises instead of stabilization ? Or power exercises instead of strength ? A professional will guide you through the program. 

3. Accountability -There is no substitute for having a scheduled appointment that you have to show up to , or having monthly progress reports provided to you by a fitness professional. I'm tired , so I'm not going to go , is less likely to happen!

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