The flower and root of this plant have been used by natural healers as a pain reliever, expectorant, and stimulant. Modern herbalists, however, believe that Arnica is very strong medicine, and should not be taken internally unless it is in the much weakened homeopathic form under the supervision of a homeopathic physician.

An overdose can be fatal. Rubbed on the skin, however, Arnica is wonderful for healing bruises or other skin irritations. Use only on unbroken skin. Commercially prepared linimants may also be used for muscle soreness or arthritis.

Possible Benefits:

Soothes and heals skin wounds and irritations

Relieves pain due to muscle spasm or joint inflammation


Never apply Arnica to broken skin. If further irritation develops, discontinue use. Never take Arnica internally unless it is under the supervision of a physician.

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