Do you need a Multivitamin supplement?

Do we “have to” take a multivitamin pill for “perfect” health? Most people have already decided that the answer to this question is Yes! No, we don’t. Our food supply in the United States is fortified with vitamins and minerals (Breads, Breakfast cereals etc).

How do you think our children stay fit and healthy without taking a multi? If we eat wholesome foods (Not processed) throughout the day, from ALL the food groups, we will cover all the bases as far as supplying our bodies with vitamins and minerals! Did you know your organs store vitamins and minerals? Some vitamins are stored by our bodies which will last us up to 12 months! Billions of dollars are spent by Americans every year on these supplements. Ask yourself “Am I going to come down with scurvy (Vitamin C deficiency disease) , if I don’t take a multi?

Because of fortification, scurvy in the USA is almost unheard of. Be wise. Eat well.

Coach Gregg



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