Foam Rolling

Poor posture and repetitive movements can create dysfunction within the connective tissue. This dysfunction is treated by the body as an injury and will initiate a repair process termed the cumulative injury cycle.

Cumulative Injury Cycle: Tissue trauma-Inflammation-Muscle Spasm- Adhesions-Altered neuromuscular control-Muscle Imbalance!

Self Myofascial release techniques may help in “releasing” the microspasms that develop in traumatized tissue and “break up” the fascial adhesions that are created through the cumulative injury cycle process.

The following are the major benefits of SMR/Rolling:

  • To alleviate the side effects of active or latent trigger points

  • To influence the autonomic nervous system

  • Increasing vasodilation, the tissue can receive adequate amounts of oxygen and nutrients

  • Changing the viscosity of the tissue allows for better tissue dynamics

  • Increase in overall muscle contraction and joint motion

  • Decreases the prolonged faulty contraction of muscle tissue

  • Influences the fluid properties of tissue that affects the viscosity (resistance to motion)

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